We undertake work for local authorities, insurance, private hire & coach companies

Many original fabrics & vinyls are held in stock for the repair of minibus seating.

We undertake many forms of repairs to vehicle seat covers, foams, springs and frames; from general wear and tear, worn bolsters, deployed airbags, vandalism damage and cigarette burns to broken frames, foam repairs repadding/rebuilding etc. In most cases we are able to replace just the individual panels of the seat cover that are damaged thus minimising costs. It is only in more extreme cases that a total recover maybe necessary. 

To offer a general insight, the general method of repair entails the seat firstly being removed from the vehicle. With the seat on the workbench the cover is carefully removed. Should repairs be needed to the foam, this is removed from the frame. The damaged area is cut away and a block of replacement foam let in using powerful heat resistant adhesive. When firmly bonded in, it is then shaped and profiled to match the existing contours. Our attention is then turned to the repair of the cover. Any damaged panels are carefully removed and then patterned onto the replacement material, be it fabric, vinyl or leather. The new material is cut to the pattern and then stitched into the cover exactly as the original. The repaired foam and cover are then refitted to the frame. 

Please take a moment to browse the galleries for images of some work undertaken.  

For further information please telephone (07963) 692222 or email us at:  jdatrimmingservices745@gmail.com